No scent throw in a soy candle. Please advise

I am using Ecosyoya Advanced. For 1lb of wax I use 1 oz. of FO. Melt the wax till about 185 ,add FO and pour at about 125. I use LX 26 for my 11 oz. tumbler jar ( actual wax pour is 8 oz.). I tried LX 24 wick but the burn wasn't right. I use FOs from Candle Science,Bittercreek and Day Star Candle Supplies. What is it that I am doing wrong? I can smell the candle when its cold ( still not a strong smell) but when its lit I have to put my nose very close to the candle to smell it. It doesnt have a good throw at all. I am used to Archipelago candles -I can smell them in my entire room but my own candles are so weak! Please advise what is that I need to do to make a perfect soy candle ? I have to mention that I "cure " the candle for about a week. Should I use 2oz. of FO per 1lb of wax? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

No Scent Throw???

I am not sure about Eco-Soy. I've always used Golden Brand 464 or 415, but I think that all Soy is pretty much the same. I also use 1.5 oz FO per lb. You may also want to try other wicks. I have tried lots of different wicks and sizes. It really takes a lot of trial and error, however, I use an all natural cotton wick and have so for 5 years and I must say my candles have a great scent throw, both hot and cold, but I can promise you that didn't happen right away. It took me a good year experimenting with the wicks, FO's, temps etc. However, if you are not getting a good cold throw either you may want to check with your fragrance suppliers. Also, when I very first started I really thought I had a bad batch of wax, but after a lot of work, expense and heartache I found out that the wax I initially got was wet! Believe me that made all the difference in the world. If the wax has been exposed to too much moisture or humidity it just will not work! I have found out the hard way, never to order my wax on a Thursday or Friday and have it sit over the weekend in a UPS truck somewhere. I live in Louisiana and believe me the heat and humidity is a huge factor. Once I found that out and started to get my wax in it's pure DRY and flakey form I never had a problem again! Check that out and please let me know. I would be very curious to know if your wax may have gotten damp. Good luck. I really do hope it works out for you. Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't use 2oz per lb. Believe it or not if you use too much FO it can actually make the candle not throw at all!


No Scent

I too had the same problem, great cold throw but not a very good hot throw. In the beginning I was using 1 oz of fragrance oil to 1 lb of soy wax. By using the trial and error method, I started adding 1.5 oz of fragrance oil to 1 lb of soy wax and then up to 2 oz of fragrance oil until I finally got it. I am told you should never use any more than 2 oz of fragrance oil or it will leave oil spots on top of your candles and they wont burn correctly. I also started playing with the temperature at which I mix the fragrance oil into the soy wax and I sometimes let my candles sit for a week or so. As long as you are getting your oils from a reputable company, I dont think the company makes a difference. I also use CandleScience as well.


scent throw

I agree I use 1 ounce of oil also per lb of wa and I use Candle science as well, You have to pour you wax on the correct temp along with adding the oil on the proper temp and stir then pour.

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My first batch of candles I made had the strongest scent so far. That batch, I didn't have a scale so I guessed how much wax I was using plus I measured the oil wrong and it was my best batch!!! Now I got a scale plus the right measuring glass and it seems to being down hill. haha. The Oils are from 2 different companies. I have been adding more scent, thinking that would help but it doesn't. When I pour them they smell real good but once they set they seem to lose the scent. Does it help by letting them set for a few days?? I tried just 2 oz of scent per pound but those hardly smelled at all so I upped it to 2 1/2 oz but that doesn't seem to work either. When I lite a candle I want to smell it in my whole room. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!


no scent help please

Hi, I have try'd everything ,have a great cold throw ,but light my candles up and very little smell,I have try'd to use more fo,try at adding at hight temp,then told to add at low temp,I'm going crazy,PLEASE HELP,thanks so much for an help :(


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My candles get a pretty

My candles get a pretty decent throw... You are bringing your wax to too high a temperature... and I think you're adding your fragrance in at too high a temperature. soy wax usually has a very low melt point.... You can add the color at any point you want... and you should wait and add the fragrance when the wax starts to cool and looks "slushie"...then you pour.... I only melt my wax to about 130... then i add the fragrance when it cools to about 100...... try it!

I do the same. I add the oil

I do the same. I add the oil right at 100. The oil tends to make the wax set up a little. Immediately pour right after the stir.

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