GB 444 or 464 ???????

Hi all,

Can someone shed some light on the differences between 444 & 464?

Is one particularly better than the other?


464 or 444

Go Wtih 464, 444 is not better than 464 I tested them both, 444 is heavier or more darker, but 464 is lighter and is a Best seller on any website.
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To correct my earlier comment, it is NOT HeavenScent I get my wax from...go to CandleScience. com...and I would rather use the 464. Both seem to work fine.

464 or 444?

Ok, to add to my other comment, I believe the 444 holds up better for mailing in the heat of summer. I have a friend who uses the 444, I use 464. Both throw the same, cost the same, so unless you are doing a lot of selling or mailing in the summer heat, either will work.
I sell at craft fairs, in the summer, and so far my 464 does OK, but I keep my trays in
Hope this helps.


I was turned on to the 464, and never looked back. You could email Roberta at BertsHeavenScentCandleSupply, or just go to the site and see. But I will never use anything else, the throw is amazing in tarts, and I just started making small candles for family and they love them. This wax just soaks up the scents and then throws them all over the room....hope this helps.


I have used the 464 from day one and I have been extremely happy with the results. Hot and cold throw is awesome!!

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