Frosting Issues!

I'm pulling my hair out! I can not find anyone to help me on "Frosted Soy Candles" How do you get a flawless candle? Mine have frosting in some places and I've tried every technique known to man and they always find a way to have frosting! I can't presnt these to potential customers, I don't feel that they are nice enough to sell. What is your heating, pouring, and cooling techniques? Please help!


Glad you are succeeding!

I have had some luck with reducing frosting by mixing small percentages of pillar blend in (Ecosoya PB). My theory on this has to do with crystallization. I think frosting is caused by some type of other crystallization happening aside from the one you want your wax to have. Pouring too hot definitely makes it worse. I tried some paraffin in the mix just to see if the additives in it would help, this creates awful shrinkage and does not prevent frosting, it also creates a burn that is not clean and you will get wax on the inside walls of the container. Plus I don't want to use paraffin anyway! I am going to try the coconut oil recommendations, though I would be concerned that this will affect not only burn, but melting point. I think it fits with my theory though, adding the different oil probably interrupts the unwanted crystal structure that is causing the problem, like adding caro syrup to your fudge to keep your saturated sugar solution from crystallizing on you. I definitely find that your container needs to be clean and preheated properly, and your pour temp needs to be 130 or 125, too low or high creates awful flaws. Also over fragrancing seems to create an awful slushy appearance.

Good luck!

Mary, please don't pull your

Mary, please don't pull your hair out... that may scare the customers more than the frosting!! Smile! I think we ALL have this problem and from everything I have tried and read there does not seem to be anyway around it. I have tried everything out there aside from adding any thing to the soy. I have heard that adding some parrafin to the soy can help with this, but, I refuse to add that to my soy candles. I stay away from parrafin at all costs. I have never had anyone complain about the frosting and alot of customers I come across (that use only soy candles) actually look for this to know they are truly all soy candles. It does not affect the scent throw or the burn time of the candle and that is what seems to truly matter to the customers. Yes, the frosting sometimes can make them not look so pretty, but, frosting is a characteristic of soy plain and simple. I have some disclaimer forms if you'd like to call them that explain about the frosting of soy and how it does not affect the scent throw or burn time of the candle. I keep these with me whenever I go to shows and include them in the bags when people purchase the candles. Whenever I have a customer first thing I ask them is if they have ever used soy candles before. If not t I go into explaining the benefits of the soy over the parrafin and I always make sure to explain to them about the frosting. If they have used soy candles before they already know about the frosting. I have been doing this for over a year now and I have never had someone complain or have the frosting deter them from buying. What kind of wax do you use? I use the GW464 which does help cut down on the frosting but does not completely eliminate it. I have also found that some of the darker colors tend to frost more than the lighter colors. It depends on the wax that you use as to what temp to heat, pour etc. I hope this helps you to save what hair you haven't pulled out to know that we all deal with the frosting. Good luck!

Frosting Issues

I have used a variety of Ecosoy products and find the best is CB - Xcel. I heat to 170 and then cool to 125 and add the FO. Then I constantly stir until the temp is about 112, then pour. This gives me a beautiful looking candle with no frosting and very little dipping (Tip: when the wax has formed a slight crust on the top, give the wick a slight pull and it releases the air inside the stops the dipping).

Hope this helps.



Hi Mr bennetti. I just made my first set of test candles with xcel. Made 4 0z and 8 oz with quilted jelly jars. The room had no air conditioner on. The 4 0z came out great but my 8 oz had sink holes. I heated to 180. added fo at 150 and poured at 140. I read your blog. What kind of scent throw do u get pouring at a low temp. Help


Thank-You Grubby 19!

Thank you so much for your answer! I do understand about the frosting. I use Cargill C-3 wax. I'm still new to candlemaking but I created 3 candles last evening that finally came out beautiful! I was getting so frustrated, but I wasn't going to give up till I got the recipe down! And last night was the lucky night! I made 3 "green apple" candles and they came out flawless! The wax was creamy, the color was great, and I didn't even have to smooth the tops out with heat! whoooo-hoooo :) Now I can bring out my good jars and stop using the small jelly jars as "Test-Candles" (hehe) So thank you for you post! It was nice of you to reply!



Can you give me any suggsetions on how to get rid of the frosting issues? I have just started making candles and am having a really hard time with the frosting. Not to mention the money I am using seems to be going fast. I really need some direction. Thank you for any hints

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I started out with pure soy wax. It wouldn't burn well and had bad sink holes. I switched to CB Advanced soy by Ecosoya and loved it, but it frosts terribly. On heard about using coconut oil and tried it. It will cure what ails you. True, you no longer have a 100% pure soy, but you have a 99% or so soy and that's good enough for me.

To one lb. of wax, add 1 tsp. coconut oil. You can buy the cheap stuff at Wal-mart. I make soap, so get it in 50lb buckets. Same thing.

The original recipe I heard about called for 1 1/2 tsp. pp wax. I went down to 1/2 tsp. pp and had a little frost. So, I'm steady at 1 tsp. This is teaspoon NOT tablespoon...

test burn your candles afterward to make sure you're happy. I'll never make another soy candle without coconut oil.

Customers like the non-frost look, believe me.

hope it helps.


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Coconut oil..

Were you noticing the frosting with all of your colors or just the darker ones? That is my issue.. the reds, oranges and browns have frosting or wet spots. I may have to go to walmart and try that.. how does it affect the burn or the scent throw?

Your welcome

Glad they are coming out right for you now. How's the hair?? lol

I have also heard using

I have also heard using crisco in soy will help also, which also is made from soybeans so your not adding anything to your soy that is not foreign.

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